Wedding Film

Def : Wedding videography is a video production that documents a wedding on video. The final product of the videographer's documentation is commonly called a wedding video.
If there is one thing that is gaining value over the years, it's the wedding film. Reliving this unique day is simply extraordinary. Sharing it with loved ones and guests is even better. For half a day, a day or a full weekend, there is something for every budget.


Let's meet

Let's get to know each other informally around an aperitif in your home. We will discuss the planning of the festivities and much more.



Because you have other fish to fry, we make direct contact with your loved ones to know what is going on behind you back in order to be ready for the long-awaited day.



Enjoy! We cover the day with camera and drone. And rest assured, we shoot with instant copies so no file loss.


Post Production

While you're recovering from your emotions, we get busy putting together your 30-minute movie and your 3-minute bes of clip.



By USB key or online transfer.